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Strategic keyphrase mapping is your initiation into the world of SEO content, the fascinating psychology of how people search online for what you offer, and the creative brainstorming that yields many new ideas for your future content. It’s part aligned strategy and part tapping into your muses—with a dash of Tetris.

The Power of SEO Content

  • Take back power from ads and build organic traffic
  • Understand how people are searching for what you do—and leverage that pretty much everywhere
  • Build value with content that accrues SEO cred
  • Save time with efficient publishing and content creation systems
  • Discover content opportunities

Why Keyphrase Mapping Is Your Foundation

  • Creates the foundation for your content roadmap and SEO tactics
  • It helps you understand how people are searching for what you offer—and leverage that knowledge pretty much everywhere
  • Targets a broad spectrum of similar keyphrases
  • Prevents duplicate content creation
  • Highlights opportunities for content creation

Your Keyphrase Mapping

We will collaborate on a virtual keyphrase research session (maximum 60 minutes) to conduct + review keyphrase research for up to 6 web or blog pages on your website. Preparation includes preliminary keyphrase research and brand discovery.

What You Get

Deliverables include 1) a content map with a keyphrase selection for 6 web or blog pages and 2) a 2-3 page best practices PDF on how to use keyphrases in web copy. This offering unlocks the opportunity for strategic partnerships.



Let’s Make Fierce Content Together

Take a deep breath. You don’t have to do this content thing alone. Close your eyes and hold your vision for where you want to go with your work and business. We’ll help you get there. Book your keyphrase mapping session below.

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