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Content Strategy Is a Form of
Digital Alchemy

Our work together will help you let go of what holds you back and uncover ways you can expand and take up space online. We will ask you to cast the words of your deepest dreams across the digital sky—and be ready for all the stars you’ll catch.

We craft bold, timeless copy and unveil the mysteries of SEO—we empower you to conjure your wildest business dreams with digital content.

–Kendra Sand, Founder


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How We’ll Work Together

All of our content strategy services begin with a content audit.
All of our strategic partnerships begin with keyphrase mapping.
Consider this an initiation into the future of your business.

Content Strategy Services

Strategic Keyphrase Mapping
SEO Content Development
SEO Copywriting
SEO Content Editing
Blog Strategy
Publishing Strategy
Media Content Strategy By Type or Platform (Podcasts, YouTube)
Content Workshops + Education
Blog Post Writing + Publishing *currently only available with a strategic partnership

Let’s Make Fierce Content Together

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Strategic Content Partnerships

We offer Monthly Strategic Content Partnerships. We’ll work together as partners to create a content roadmap and build your content. Here’s the impact on your business:

  • Take back power from ads and build organic traffic
  • Understand how people are searching for what you offer then leverage that on your website, in sales calls, and in email and social media marketing
  • This work pays itself off with a few clients
  • SEO work is compounding so it accrues value over time
  • Save time with more efficient publishing and content creation processes

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“Once our new website was live our SEO strategy was almost instantly showing results as a direct result of working with House of Sand. Our ongoing blog and content collaboration feels so smooth and seamless—they capture our voice perfectly out of the gate.”

Jenn T. Grace
Founder of Publish Your Purpose + Author

“Working with House of Sand has been a dream come true. They’ve helped me to launch my blog and continue to support my writing process, from idea to SEO to publishing.”

Britt Hawthorne
NYT Best-Selling Author + Anti-Racism Educator

Fierce Content Strategy
Calls In Power

Take your rightful place in an online search
Create copy that showcases your brand
Build your digital presence
Grow your organic traffic
Connect with your users
Improve UX + increase sales
Streamline content creation + publishing
Stop paying so much for ads and build natural SEO
Maximize brand exposure, minimize effort + resources
Dream bigger about what you can give and receive
Create a platform for your business that you are in love with

Let’s Make Fierce Content Together

Say goodbye to what you know about content—the endless writing and editing alone, fly-by-night random publishing, excruciating hours of effort for each platform, confusion about SEO, and feeling of “is anyone even seeing this?!” about all your content darlings. Consider this an initiation into the future of your business.

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About House of Sand

We’re content strategists, writers, editors, and word witches. Our mission is to see mission-driven businesses and visionaries claim their rightful place online, amplify their businesses, and grow their revenue streams with fierce content strategy.

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