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We’re content strategists, writers, editors, and word witches. Our mission is to see mission-driven businesses and visionaries claim their rightful place online, amplify their businesses, and grow their revenue streams with fierce content strategy.

Kendra Sand

Content Strategist + Founder

Kendra is a content strategist, editor, and writer with 13+ years of digital marketing experience. She loves building content with visionary people—and helping them take up space online and IRL. She’s a low-key witch, a third-culture kid (she’s lived all over the US and the world), and a converted fan of the Oxford comma. When she isn’t building her business, she’s playing “hot lava” with her wild toddler or being creative in the kitchen.

Lily Capstick

Content Writer + Editor

Lily is a freelance book editor and SEO writer. She strongly believes that everyone is an artist and just needs to find their way back to their innate artistry (thank you The Artist’s Way). Beyond art, writing, and creating, Lily is passionate about prison reform and facilitates restorative justice circles in Denver. When she isn’t fixated on her latest creative endeavor, you can find Lily practicing her French for the day she moves to the land of cheese and wine.

India Hendrikse

Content Writer + Editor

India Hendrikse is a freelance journalist, copywriter, and sometimes poet from Aotearoa (New Zealand). After years spent in big cities such as London, she’s currently enjoying a slower pace in a tiny coastal town called Whāingaroa. India’s life is underpinned by a passion for intersectional environmentalism, and when she’s not worrying about the planet, people and animals, she’s petting as many fluffy friends as possible.

“Once our new website was live our SEO strategy was almost instantly showing results as a direct result of working with House of Sand. Our ongoing blog and content collaboration feels so smooth and seamless—they capture our voice perfectly out of the gate.”

Jenn T. Grace
Founder of Publish Your Purpose + Author

“Working with House of Sand has been a dream come true. They’ve helped me to launch my blog and continue to support my writing process, from idea to SEO to publishing.”

Britt Hawthorne
NYT Best-Selling Author + Anti-Racism Educator
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